10 Entrepreneur Road Metaphors

Being an entrepreneur is about taking action on your ideas, knowing the road will be bumpier than you thought, swerving to miss the pot holes, and when you hit them, you find a way back out.

Here are my 10 Entrepreneur Startup Road Metaphors:

  1. Just get on the road!
    Many entrepreneurs struggle with just getting started and taking the first step. You can’t embark on a journey if you don’t get on the road.
  2. Hit the gas!
    Now that you have started, work hard and take action.
  3. Handle the Bumps.
    Difficulties may slow you down but you have to keep going.
  4. Find a way around roadblocks.
    Most successful entrepreneurs know that their original ideas are not a straight path. Always be willing to re-think the direction when you hit a barrier.
  5. Don’t Get Stuck in Potholes.
    If you get stuck and feel like you can’t get out, you can. Figure out a way to get unstuck and learn from it.
  6. Remember that cars always have unexpected costs. Starting a business is full of unexpected costs. Always try to keep some kinds of financial backup plan.
  7. Be courteous to others on the road.
    Your team is your most important asset, treat them right.
  8. You don’t have to pass every car on the road.
    To be successful, you don’t have to be ahead of every other business. Focus on your own levels of success.
  9. Don’t listen to others telling you to get off the road. People in your life will doubt your ideas. Even those who believe in you the most will not understand your passion and your commitment as deeply as you do. And there will be plenty of nay-sayers. Don’t let other’s dis-beliefs take you off of your path.
  10. Enjoy the Ride.
    The journey is the exciting part. Think of a theme park roller coaster. The ups and downs, the swerves side to side. Those are the fun parts! If the journey was a straight easy path, it would be boring and your success wouldn’t be as rewarding. So take it all in along the way and enjoy the ride.

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